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New Gobball Rules/Gob OS Update

Posted on June 18, 2011 at 1:48 AM

OK, lets start with the new Gobball rules. Please read all of this, it took a long time to type!

1. Abilities:

Abilities allow you to do actions that aren't allowed to do other times, but, they only last for 15 seconds. You can call 1 of these abilities whenever after you score a goal. These are the available Abilities:

   Freeze: The opposition freezes, still trying to hit the ball. The opposition can only move their legs but can't use their legs to score. This lasts for 15 seconds.

   Infiltration: The person who calls this ability can step in & out the opposition's square to block them hitting the ball. This lasts for 15 seconds.

   Infinite Bounces: The ball can bounce infinitly in the person who called this ability's square until the 15 seconds are over.

2. Bounces in Square:

The ball can only bounce in any square for 7 bounces unless the Infinite Bounces Ability is enabled.

Now let's talk about new Gob OS updates!

(* = Internet Required)

 Gob God has been cancelled.

 Gob Virus: Gob Virus is a game that acts like a virus

 Gob World: Gob World is a game that allows you to play as a person that makes friends and talks to other NPC's

 (*)Gob Download Center: This is an app that allows you to download anything off the Internet and save it to anywhere

 Gob Application Processes Viewer: This app allows you to see what applications are running outside Gob OS (like Task Manager)

 Gob Program Maker: This app is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

 Gob Explorer: This app is like Windows Explorer & is also UNDER CONSTRUCTION

 Gob Lister: This app can keep lists like shopping lists, to-do list ect.

 Gob Random Number Generator: Thsi app generates a random number between 0 & 100

 (*)Gob Radio Player: This app tunes in to radio stations and allows you to play the radio

 Gob Sound Recorder: This app allows you to record sounds and save them to your hard drive

 Command Prompt: This app opens the Native to Windows CMD

 (*)Gob Chat: This app allows you to chat to people all around the world who have Gob OS and the Internet and Have the same Network Name

 Gob CD Player: This app plays Audio CDs

If you have any ideas about new apps for Gob OS, please submit them in the comments and you might have an app that was YOUR idea!


Alex Out!

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