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 This is the Gob Quiz's Own Page!!

 Answer at least 10 right and post them to the guestbook to try to be a Substitute Member of the GOB GROUP!!


 1.Type 3 meanings of gob

 2.Type the gob phrase

 3.Type the gob song

 4.Type 5 gob codes

 5. What animal is the Gob Mascot?

 6.What is the gob password?

 7.What is the name of the gob drink?

 8.Type "I'm going on a journey" in gob language

 9.Who is going to be the leader next?

 10.Do you think you are a substitute member now? 


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Did you know I am posting answers to the Gob Quiz every time I get 500 views, 1000 views, 2000 views, 5000 views, 10000 views and so on. Alex out!